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Missions PROGRAM

Acts 1:8  "But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."

Our long term vision is to be supporting at least one missionary in every country of the world! At 57, we know we are far from nearing that goal, but we are eager to get there, by the grace of God.

We believe the church is commanded to preach the Gospel of Christ. Therefore, our missions program is equally burdened to see more Biblical churches planted at this time. We would like to see more local churches, with the same vision (and practice), to sprout in and around New York, and elsewhere. We are committed to being involved in church plants both local and foreign.

If the Lord leads you to be involved in missions beyond prayer, please do not hesitate to let us know. We designate donations/offerings as indicated. We believe however, that giving to missions should not take the place of tithing to your own local church. Contact us at for more information.

Letters and updates are available. Click on the name of the missionary to view them!

our Missionaries

Asia & Oceania
  • Altura Family (India)

  • Arana Family (Indonesia)

  • Asuncion Family (Cambodia)

  • Basilan Family (Taiwan)

  • Bhadur-Rai Family (Nepal)

  • Bishwokarma Family (Nepal)

  • Dalavai Family (Kuwait)

  • Daku Family (Fiji)

  • Fernandez Family (East Timor)

  • Haddad Family (Jordan)

  • Inventor Family (Laos)

  • Kumar-Rai Family (Nepal)

  • Lloyd Hamman (Nepal)

  • Missionary #31 (Myanmar)

  • Missionary #33 (Russia)

  • Missionary #51 (Vietnam)

  • Manuel Family (Bangladesh)

  • Mislan Family (Philippines)

  • Robertson Family (Korea)

  • Ribot Family (Thailand)

  • Thiumai Family (Nepal)

  • Armah Family(Ghana)

  • Bancale Family (Ethiopia)

  • Chondo Family (Kenya)

  • Felicilda Family  (Congo)

  • Genada Family (Zambia)

  • Jenkins Family (The Gambia)

  • Mampay Family (Madagascar)

  • Matebe Family (Tanzania)

  • Niepes Family (Liberia)

  • Satunero Family(Uganda)

  • Thomas Family (Egypt)

  • Absalon Family (Haiti)

  • Allen Family (Brazil)

  • Blanz Family (Costa Rica)

  • De Jesus Family (Bolivia)

  • Genada Family (Haiti)

  • Gomez Family (Venezuela)

  • Hernandez Family (Panama)

  • McDonald Family (US)

  • McKinney Family (Bolivia)

  • Mills Family (USA)

  • New Heights Baptist Church (USA)

  • Pizzaro Family (Puerto Rico)

  • Sandy Family (USA)

  • Shapiama Family (Peru)

  • Wilson Family (Mexico)

  • Woodard Family (Guyana)

  • Zacal Family (Argentina)

  • Demastus Family (Scotland)

  • Gilbert Family (Greenland)

  • Gonciulea Family (Romania)

  • Klaus Family (Germany)

  • Pamintuan Family (Armenia)

  • Van Winkle Family (Turkey)

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